We developed and marketed a product that lock-in energy prices by hedging against the market.

As a revolutionary new product, i2i wasn't for everyone. Constellation New Energy needed a very specific customer - one who stood to benefit the most from i2i. We helped drill down on exactly who to market this product to---and how to do it. We needed savvy energy buyers and only had a very small circle of prospects to focus on.

Our extensive collection process came up with a fine-tuned list of plant managers and energy buyers. We also took a strategic decision to go after CFOs – those who ultimately made all financial decisions for their company.

We knew that these CFOs might not have a full understanding of energy procurement, but they could have a true understanding of the financial potential i2i gave them - alongside the power to buy it. As long as we could communicate this with them effectively.

We also wanted to target large organizations with multiple locations, fleets and employees. We saw that certain industries would stand to benefit the most from i2i, and so focused on retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

With all these parameters in place, we developed a master list of only the most suitable companies. Our world-class engagement team then worked through this list to fully communicate how beneficial i2i could be for each and every one of them.

This gave us a hot-list of 100 truly qualified prospects. We sent the CFOs of each of them a personal letter and an iPad with a video explaining the benefits of i2i even more.

Our work with Constellation New Energy generated a groundbreaking 25% sign-up rate.