The main problem we identified with Thomson Reuters was that they had a large sales team of 156 employees - and each of them sold the company's services differently.

They didn't have any consistency and were presenting their brand in multiple ways. It was a confusing process that simply didn't always have the brand's values at its core. We started by doing a deep dive into Thomson Reuters as a whole, so we could really help relate their efforts back to the specific wants and needs of individual customers. We did a full audit of all the features, advantages, and benefits of Thomson Reuters so that we could come up with a way to speak directly to their customers and give them everything they wanted to hear.

Their customers needed to know that Thomson Reuters had all the bases covered - and would help them with a winning product or strategy. We gave them all that and more!

So, we worked with their existing customers to find out what really made them tick, what they wanted to hear from an organization like Thomson Reuters, and what services and benefits they needed the most.

This entire collection process gave us the raw data to come up with a customer journey that would build a profitable relationship and ultimately help Thomson Reuters close more deals. We came up with a foolproof closing strategy that weaponized the sales team and created immediate results by sticking to a proven formula.

With our help, Thomson Reuters saw an unprecedented 20% increase in conversion rates. We also helped make them more efficient and reduced the time it took for them to develop material and train staff.